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Product Profile : Wire Enamels and Thinners (Chemical Properties)


Base Appearance Solid
Contents (%)
Viscosity at
 300 C By Ford Cup (Bg)
Flash Point Recommended
For Wire Swg
 (Mm Dia)

Recommended Uses

Polyester Wire Enamels

Krishlex 716 Polyester D. Brown 35 1 90-100 40o C Swg 19-26

Economical Balanced Properties

Krishlex 716 Polyester Brown 35 1 80-90 40o C Swg 19-26

Economical Suitable For Fine Properties

Krishlex 716 Polyester R.Golden 35 1 90-100 40o C Swg 19-26

Attractive Reddish Golden Colour Balanced Properties

Krishlex 716 Polyester Golden 35 1 80-90 40o C Swg 19-26

Attractive Reddish Golden Colour Economical Suitable Fine Wires

Modified Polyester Wire Enamels

Krishlex 727 Modified Brown 38 1 100-110 42o C Swg 11-36

Excellent Flexibility, High Peel Value, Excellent Heat Shock, Wide Curing Range, High Cut Through, Good Luster Bdv

Polyesterimide Wire Enamels

Krishlex 756 Modified Brown 38 1 110-120 42o C Swg 16-25

Good Hermetic Resistance Excellent Polyester Heat Shock cut Through Gives Excellent Abrasions

Polyvinyl Formal Enamel

krishlex K18 Poly Vinyl Golden 18 To 21 16 to 21 42o C Swg 11-25

Gives Excellent Transformer Oil Resistance, Good
Mechanical Properties, Resistance
As Well As Flexibility to Conductor Specially Motors Used in Refrigeration System

  Formal Yellow   Mins    
  Suitable For          

Polyurethane Wire Enamel (Self Solderable)

Krishold 777 Polyurethane Copper 30 1 40-60 42o C Swg 25-46

Gives Quick Solderable, High Processing Speed, Good Flexibility, can Withstand 50% Without Effecting Continuity of the Film Krishsolod-777 Wire are Easily Solderable using Electronic & Telecommunications Systems.

Theic Modified Polyester Wire Enamel

Krishlex-728 Theic Brown 35 2 90-110 42o C Swg 11-36

High Tan Delta Bending Point and Cut Trough Property, High processing Speed, Wide Curing Range Good Flexibility And Adherence, Suitable For Rectangular Wires

Krishlex Thinner 715

thinner Cresol Colour Less - - - -

Recommended for DurationL of for Application. This Same Thinner is Suitable For all Type of polyester wire Enamels For Thinning Purpose.


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